Our current Governing Body is made up of members of the local community, parents and local councillors.

This is our current Governing Body:

Chair                         Mrs Louisa Roberts
Vice-Chair                Mrs Sally Harris                    

                                  Mr Gareth Williams
                                  Mrs Siobhan Gothorp
                                  Mr Richard Aram  
                                  Mrs Jill Lloyd
                                  Miss Llinos Davies

Teacher Governor  Mrs Rachel Davies
Staff Governor        Miss Karen Wray
Headteacher           Mrs Elizabeth Knight
Clerk to the  Governors           Mr Michael Parr

The school is very lucky to have a very supportive Governing Body. They meet at least twice per term as a whole group and also hold regular sub-committee meetings. Our Governors are regular visitors to our school and join in with trips, school events such as our book week and concerts etc  and share their expertise with us.

Annual Reports

Governors’ report to parents 2017-18

Governors’ report to parents 2018-19 (1)


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